Thursday, January 31, 2013


UPDATE: 12:30 pm Friday. Mark Hummels has died.

This is the statement from my former colleague Mark Hummels' law firm Osborn Maledon:

Statement from Osborn Maledon:

Our friend and partner, Mark Hummels, was severely injured in yesterday’s senseless shooting. We have been informed that Mark will not survive from the shooting.
We are devastated at this news about our beloved friend. Our deepest sympathy and support pour out to his wife, Dana, and their two children. The trust and affection Mark inspired in every reach of our law firm and with his clients are a lasting testament we will always cherish.
We are sad beyond measure also to have lost our long‐time friend and client, Steven D. Singer, the CEO of Fusion Contact Centers, in this tragedy. Steve was a long‐time client of the firm and an accomplished entrepreneur. Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve’s family as well.
Mark Hummels is the best kind of lawyer – a man who is highly capable in his practice and caring to his core about his community. Still in the early years of his career, Mark has earned many accolades for his skill as an attorney. He is president of the Phoenix Chapter of the Federal Bar Association and highly regarded by the State and Federal bench. He was recognized by "Benchmark Litigation" as a "future star" in litigation. To judges, attorneys and other professionals, he is a trusted counselor in ethics and disciplinary proceedings.
Mark also has given back to the community at large, serving on the training committee for Arizona Town Hall and providing pro bono legal services to those who could not afford counsel. This giving spirit was enhanced during his early years as a reporter for the "Santa Fe New Mexican," an experience that honed his rare insights into people and our society.
Above all, Mark is the most decent of men. An adoring husband, dedicated father and true friend, Mark is what all of us aspire to be on our best days.
As has been reported, both Mark and Steve were engaged in a settlement conference before they were shot.
The loss of Mark and Steve in any circumstances would be a tragedy. For this to happen to them, while participating in a mediation, is beyond understanding, a terrible loss for us all


  1. I feel for the sadness that you guys must be experiencing. Losing a good friend and a colleague like Mark Hummel is indeed heartbreaking. I hope more lawyers will be like Mark – decent, highly capable, and genuinely concerned. There are some lawyers who are just after the money, but I hope some will give emphasis on solving cases to help his fellow citizens.

    -- Mike Clark

  2. I agree with Mike. I hope that there’ll be lawyers who have a lot of passion in settling the problems of their clients in a manner that they don’t just think of the monetary gain. I know that can be a motivation to work harder, but I guess there’ll be more clients to those who mediates cases and settlements with an excellent quality of work. Anyway, I just hope that Mark and Steve were not shot as a direct result of the cases that they were handling that time, but either way, I hope that the shooters have already been caught.

    -- Kimora Avery

    1. Kimora --

      The shooter indeed was involved in the case. His body was found in his car the next morning. He had shot and killed himself.

  3. @Steve – This is a sad story. I know how it feels when a good lawyer was shot and killed since we have a colleague who was also killed because of a case that he was handling. In Mark’s case, I guess we won’t be able to answer why he was killed since the killer also killed himself.

    -Erminia Cavins-

  4. What a tragedy. I have a friend who works at a law firm in Ottawa and I was talking to him about this and apparently they had a similar experience a while back and it almost things like this is a somewhat common occurrence which really surprised me.