Friday, January 25, 2013

Rep. Brown Revises Her Abortion Bill

After causing a national stir on Thursday, Rep. Cathrynn Brown, R-Carlsbad, has revised her bill, which in its original form appears to make criminals of rape and incest victims who get abortions.

Since yesterday morning, when the bill started receiving widespread attention, Brown has insisted that she never meant House Bill 206 to apply to the victims -- only to rapists and incest perpetrators who coerce their victims to get abortions.

Brown posted the new version of the bill on her personal website. In it she added a sentence saying "In no circumstance shall the mother of the fetus be charged under this subsection."

The original version can be found HERE

In another twist, Brown this morning told KNME reporter Matt Grubbs that she'd asked a bill analyst with the Legislative Council Service whether she should include the sentence about not charging the mother. She said she was told that it wouldn't be necessary and prosecutors would understand that.

KNME's video can be found HERE.


  1. Now her bill is LEGALLY defining the victim as "the mother of the fetus." How disgusting!

  2. step down now! you can change your misogynist words but you're still a misogynist

  3. Rep. Cathrynn Brown, has now been labeled in the Bat Crap Crazy persons category of the women's fight for our HUMANE rights. One Billion Rising, War Against Women, I could go on but it would take too long. This goes along with the legitimate rape test of Susanna Martinez. We can't fix stupid but we can vote it out! Knowing what we know now, lets not repeat this cycle.