Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Udall on Growing "Short List" for Interior Secretary?

REP. TOM UDALLThat's what a Washington Post blog is reporting.
Apparently they heard the same thing I did last week -- that outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar himself raised the possibility.

Udall is the son of a former Interior Secretary, the late Stewart Udall, who served under JFK and LBJ.

But, as the In the Loop blog points out, there's lots of factors weighing against this appointment.

For one thing, Republican Gov. Susana Martinez would get to appoint the next senator to serve until the 2014 election. That alone tells you that this scenario won't play out.

But, hey, I guess it's nice to be considered for the job.


  1. We need him in the US Senate! And there's much more job security where he is.

  2. Ellen I couldn't agree more, what was Sec. Salazar thinking? He doesn't remember Scott Brown, I guess. Thankfully our Senator knows what's up, if not, we could be 'represented' by Heather, Darren, or Weh. I always prefer elected office holders,first.