Monday, March 4, 2013

Fore! The Latest Round of Lobbyist Expense Reports

I reported earlier in the session that lawmakers got their annual free ski passes from the state's ski industry. Last week the golf industry joined in, giving legislators passes good for five free games of golf at various courses around the state. (The New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance does this just about every year.)

My story on that and other lobbyist expenses -- dinners for legislators, etc. -- can be found HERE

Previous stories about lobbyist reports from the session can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

I've been criticized for running these stories (which I started doing several years ago.) One senator last year even implied that The New Mexican doesn't like the idea of restaurants, bars and hotels benefiting from parties, receptions and dinners for lawmakers because we always run stories about the lobbyist reports.

Not true. We don't hate golf courses and ski areas either.

It's just that we believe the public has the right to know who is picking up the tab for our decision makers. So don't expect me to stop.