Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keller's Not a Candidate for Gov, But He Sure is Talking Like One

I couldn't help but notice a tweet today from Justine Freeman, who worked as a flack for the Senate Majority Whip's office -- the whip being Sen. Tim Keller -- during this years legislative session.

It was a link to a Duke City Fix story with the headline "The Six Reasons Tim Keller Will Run for Governor." Freeman altered the headline slightly in her tweet: "The Six Reasons Tim Keller Will (and should!) Run for Governor" (exclamation point hers.)

O.K., you might dismiss that as an over-enthusiastic tweet from a faithful employee. But listen to Keller's speech from the state Democrats' central committee meeting on Saturday.

Keller says he's also considering running for state treasurer or state auditor. But he sure doesn't spend much time talking about the treasurer or auditor's office in this speech.