Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bregman: What Is a "Job Creator"?

Sam Bregman promised he'd be an aggressive state chairman if elected by state Democrats. Looks like he's trying to keep that promise.

Gov. Susana Martinez is going to be the keynote speaker at a Republican dinner in Columbus, Ohio next month. In announcing that, thee Ohio state Republican Party chairman-elect Matt Borges called Martinez a "tax-cutter" and a "job creator."

That prompted Bregman to write Borges an "open letter" (which means us media types probably saw it before Borges did).

Here's what he said:

I read with interest your comment labeling Governor Martinez a job creator. In New Mexico we use a definition that actually calculates the number of jobs created by a sitting Governor since taking office-January 1, 2011.

--42,000 jobs lost; only western state not showing economic recovery -- Albuquerque metro area lost 900 jobs over the year for a negative .2 percent growth rate. The area’s construction sector shed 400 jobs for a negative 2.2 percent growth rate.

-- Worst New Mexico economy in 80 years, huge job and population losses, record commercial real estate vacancies.

If you believe the above stats deserve the term ‘job creator’ then there is even a bigger difference between the Democratic and Republican parties than was thought. Republicans in Ohio have a bizarre definition for ‘job creator.’ When you meet Gov. Martinez on June 29, ask her if she can name one, single job she has created in two and a half years in office. Other than the one for her political consultant. 
Best regards ...

I've asked the Governor's Office for response, and will add that here if and when they do.