Friday, April 24, 2009

Postscript for the Mystery Contribution

In my most recent Roundhouse Roundup column, I reported that art collector/philanthropist Eugne Thaw had given $25,000 to Gov. Bill Richardson's re-election campaign last May -- even though his re-election had been sealed about a year and a half before.

On Wednesday, Mr. Thaw told me he couldn't remember why he had given Richardson that contribution, but promised to check into it.

He called me a few minutes ago. He said the contribution was for "debt reduction" for the campaign. "I was solicited to contribute to reduce the debt," he said.

It's true, that at that time Richardson's presidential campaign, which had ended a few months before, was in debt and was soliciting contributions to bring that down.

But last May, according to the campaign finance report, Richardson's re-election campaign had more than $500,000 in the bank.

Also, Thaw already had contributed the maximum amount allowed by law for the presidential campaign.

Perhaps Thaw made a well-meaning mistake and contributed to the wrong campaign. Or perhaps whoever solicited him steered him wrong.