Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Is He Now?

Since halting his Commerce secretary bid in early January, Gov. Bill Richardson has shied away from national press interviews. You never see him down in the Capitol TV studio, where he once relished frequent spots on CNN, Fox and MSNBC talking-heads shows.
BILL RICHARDSON in Denver, August 2008
But he's in The Washington Post today, sharing huevos rancheros in the Governor's Mansion with reporter Philip Rucker in a where-is-he-now story. You can see it HERE.

Richardson doesn't get grilled very hard on the pay-to-play grand jury investigation that ruined his cabinet nomination.
The governor said he is "very confident that we did nothing wrong," but he complained that the inquiry "just drags on."
One thing we do learn is that, according to Richardson, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his rival from the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, talks to him regularly about foreign policy. Bill Clinton, however, is still angry with him for endorsing Obama instead of Hillary last year, Richardson says.

Richardson must like the article. He noted it on his new Twitter feed.


I did a few things for the morning paper.

Here's my article about U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan's campaign organization's payroll tax snafu.

Here's my story about the National Hispanic Cultural Center board voting to take Manny Aragon's name off the Manny Aragon Torreon. (The final decision rests with state Cultural Affairs Secretary Stuart Ashman -- and he said yesterday he hasn't made up his mind.)

And I did a brief about the Wall Street Journal story that Val Kilmer is trying to sell his ranch near Santa Fe. (Thanks for the heads-up on Twitter, NM FBIHop)