Thursday, April 30, 2009

Val's New Blog

Val Kilmer didn't show up at last weekend's Democratic State Central Committee meeting, unlike other Dems running (Diane Denish) or considering running (Michael Sanchez) for governor.

Maybe he was busy working on his new blog, Val Kilmer The Real Deal.

As Joe Monahan observed, there's not really any politics there, just deep thoughts on love, life, New Mexico and the Millennium Summit, which took place in Montreal earlier this month.

Update: (Tuesday 1:30 pm) Monahan tells me that The Real Deal is not the real deal. He passed along a message from a woman named Shelli Carlisle who says she's behind the blog:

"..there has been a misconception that val kilmer the real deal is val's blog. I am so sorry for the confusion, it is not val's blog, it is my blog, val has absolutley nothing to do with it, the quotes are from various past interviews. Please pass that along to your readers and i will clarifiy it on my blog, my apoligies."

Indeed, there's now a disclaimer there: "This blog is my personal blog. It is not affiliated or approved by Mr. Kilmer."

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  1. I am perplexed - I thought Mr. Kilmer is behind this blog for his campaign for governor. Ms. Shelli Carlisle from California was according a resume was on "Val Kilmer's Street Team, as "Assistant Editor - Marketing for Val Kilmer, the actor, by writing, editing, and submitting articles to various publications. Working with his team to get him exposure for his music CDs and poetry book."

    Ms. Shelli Carlisle said: "About a year ago I found a way to channel my artistic energies by doing some promotional videos featuring the phenomenal talents of Val Kilmer. Val has been a source of encouragement for me to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance by putting my heart out for the world to see and the response has been amazing. "

    The webmaster for this website as well as for Val Kilmer's official website is Ms. Jacque Talboy. Also don't forget Val Kilmer's Myspace team California.

    Now All these people Ms. Shelli Carlisle and Ms. Jacque Talboy and including Mr. Michael Holloway appear to be behind the new blog, Val Kilmer's official website and his Myspace Team California.

    So I still think this team will behind Mr. Kilmer's New Mexico website for governor. This is just my opinion.