Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Foy Expands Whisteblower Suit

Former state Educational Retirement Board investment officer Frank Foy has expanded his "pay-to-play" lawsuit to include local investment broker Marc Correra, his father Anthony Correra, former Bill Richardson pal Guy Riordan and several of those involved in the New York investment scandal, including the indicted Hank Morris

Foy has in a lawsuit claimed that former Richardson chief of staff Dave Contarino, State Investment Officer Gary Bland and ERB director Bruce Malott pressured the ERB and SIC to make investments totalling $90 million with a Chicago company called Vanderbilt. The investments went bad -- though Marc Correra made a couple of million in finders fees on the deals.

This new turn of events should be interesting for Albuquerque lawyer Sam Bregman. He represents Malott's accounting firm, named as a defendant in this case, as well as Marc Correra in another matter.

Kate Nash is covering a press conference, which should be strarting about now. Meanwhile, below are the latest filings in the case. (I don't know why it shows an error sign. There should be no trouble downloading or reading the documents):

Corrected Austin Amended Complaint w Exhibits-Errata Corrections Made as FILED