Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Have a Winner

Take a load off, Fanne
Someone identified only as "John" had the correct answer to the sex-scandal blog contest question, "What was the last major American sex scandal involving a woman of Argentine descent?"

Says John,

"I remember it as if it happened yesterday. She was Annabelle Battistella, aka Fanne Fox, `The Argentine Firecracker.' And the politician: Congressman Wilbur Mills of Arkansas, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

I remember it well, the story of a powerful Congressman and a D.C. stripper. I also remember the press conference when a shamed Wilbur appeared with his wife and beloved horse, Mr. Ed ... Oh wait, that was something else. But here's the Washington Post version of the Wilbur Mills/Fanne Fox story CLICK HERE.

So John, if indeed that is your real name, send me an e-mail at sterrell(at) and I'll send you your CD.

Honorable Mention: The lovely and talented Mark Bralley actually was the first to have the corrrect answer. But he e-mailed it me instead of answering it in the comment section of this blog as per contest rules. Sorry Mark, but as an ex cop you gotta know you have to follow procedure. But I still respect your knowledge of political history.