Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gary vs. The Godfather

Look out Don Corleone! Beware Tony Soprano! Gary King is ready for you.

Or at least he will after he gets back from Italy from a special Mafia fighter workshop.

Here's the press release from the Attorney General's Office:

Attorney General Gary King is joining AGs from Mexico and Italy next week to discuss how Italy battles Mafia-related organized crime; the government's collaboration with the civilian sector; and how those efforts can be applied locally.

"The current violence in Mexico is linked to organized crime drug traffickers and it is clearly in New Mexico's best interests to study what Italy has done to address similar crimes," says AG King. "My office has been working closely with our Mexican counterparts to deal with organized crime activities along our border so we all hope to bring back strategies and practices we can employ here."

Attorney General King and the AG's from Idaho and North Dakota are attending the Rome meeting at the invitation of the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG). AGs, other law enforcement and community leaders from five states in Mexico are scheduled to meet with Italian prosecutors, academics, community leaders and others during the week-long summit that gets underway Monday, June 22. AG King will attend the first three days only