Friday, October 15, 2010

Herrera Responds to Critics

Embattled Secretary of State Mary Herrera is fighting back.

She appeared yesterday at the Bill Clinton/Diane Denish rally in Espanola. And despite fears by some Democrats that Herrera's problems could be a drag on the rest of the ticket, the state Democratic Party just e-mailed a news release including her, along with other Dem candidates lieutenant governor nominee Brian Colon and Attorney General Gary King as headliners for early-voting rallies Saturday in Albuquerque, Los Lunas and Rio Rancho.

And her campaign just sent this new release rebutting some of the accusations that have plagued her in recent months. (It's the same thing that was published as an op-ed on Heath Haussamen's site earlier this week.) Nothing much new here, though she does take a stronger term with her former employees who are now accusing her of wrongdoing. She calls them "disgruntled employees" and their "continued antics and staged incidences." (sic)

And she lambasts reporters: "If reporters haven’t done their homework to determine the credibility of allegations by disgruntled employees, they have contributed to the unfair character assassination of a dedicated public servant."
Press Release on Responses to Accusations 10 15 10 (2)