Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Santa Fe Area Legislative Races

In this morning's paper I did a quick look at three legislative races in the area in which incumbents are facing challengers.

As I noted in my story, in this neck of the woods we're used to sending incumbents back to the Roundhouse without even a token fight. This year it's different. I'm not endorsing anyone, but I think it's healthy for voters to have a choice.

In District 43, which includes Los Alamos County and parts of Santa Fe and Sandoval counties, 10-term incumbent Republican Jeannette Wallace is facing Democrat Stephanie Richard.

In District 47, which roughly is Santa Fe's East Side, freshman incumbent Brian Egolf, a Democrat, is running against Republican Brigette Russell.

And in District 48, (Santa Fe's West Side, again, roughly) Luciano "Lucky" Varela, a Democrat who has held the seat since the  mid '80s is looking at a challenge from Republican Bob Walsh.

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