Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guy Riordan Talks About Guy Riordon on Guy Riordan Website

My colleague Kate Nash had a very interesting story about former Bill Richardson pal and former Game Commissioner Guy Riordan late last week.

As Kate reported, state records show that since September 2009, the state has paid $58,210 for defense costs associated with Riordan, who is a defendant in the Frank Foy whistleblower case.

In one of those only-in-state-government twists, while the state is paying thousands to defend Riordan, it's also suing him. He's one of several defendants in two lawsuits filed this month in an attempt to get back the third-party marketing fees paid to various political figures by investment firms. (Among the other defendants are former State Investment Officer Gary Bland, Richardson political adviser Anthony Correra and his son Marc Correra and several figures involved in the New York investment scandals.)

While Googling around for Riordan after reading Kate's story, I stumbled across a website called, which has a bio of Riordan, a photo and an article called "Guy Riordan Speaks: The Patience of a Hunter" by Guy Riordan.

The prose gets pretty interesting. Sample:

“At our preserve, it was pheasant, duck and other forms of fowl,” says Guy Riordan. However, Guy Riordan points out that New Mexico offers much more in the areas of hunting including, big game. “New Mexico offers a rich diversity of elk and mule deer to antelope and turkey,” comments Guy Riordan. According to the former Rancho De La Joya owner, all hunting, particularly big game, has one thing in common – patience. “A successful hunter has the patience to watch and wait,” points out Guy Riordan.

The italics are mine. A reader has to have the patience of a hunter to get through all the "Guy Riordans."

I wouldn't bet that Riordan himself wrote this. I suspect robots.