Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Willie Picks Gary

Willie responds to candidates who
don't want to legalize marijuana.
In the battle for celebrity endorsements, Republican presidential hopeful and former New Mexico Go. Gay Johnson just won a doozy: Willie Nelson.

According to the website for Nelson's "Teapot Party" -- whose motto is "Tax It, Regulate It, Legalize It" -- Willie met Gary after a recent concert. Apparently the Red Headed Stranger like Johnson's position on ... you guessed it -- drug law reform.

Johnson commented: "I am truly gratified to have the endorsement of such an iconic entertainer, philanthropist, innovator and champion for individual rights as Willie Nelson. Not only is he a superstar talent, he is a bold advocate for social change. Americans are demanding the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams without interference from a heavy-handed government, and Willie Nelson lends a tremendous voice to those demands.”