Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Just one day after former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson received Willie Nelson's endorsement in his quest for the presidency, now Willie says he spoke too soon.

Here's the word on the Teapot Party blog:

After the Teapot honchos made the announcement yesterday, they sent links of press coverage to the country star. "His response took me by surprise," the blogger, identified only as Steve wrote.

Nelson told him, “My position is it too early for me to endorse anyone. And I think every one should vote their own conscience.”

"I wrote back reminding him that he had approved the endorsement," Steve wrote.

“I know I said that,” Nelson replied. “But I think I will wait and see where he stands on other things. My bad. Sorry. I still think he is a good guy but so Is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him. If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already commited to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot.”

He was referring to two-time candidate Dennis Kucinich. I haven't heard anything about Kuchinich running against President Obama next year. In fact. last I heard, the Ohio Democrat was thinking of moving to a safer Congressional district in Washington state.

I guess marijuana doesn't make you more decisive.