Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"I May Have Had My Last Race ..."

Richardson campaigning in Concord, NH, 2007
This probably won't come as a shock to many of you gentle readers, but former Gov. Bill Richardson said on national TV over the weekend that it's not likely he'll ever run for office again.

Fox News' Juan Williams asked the question in an interview with Richardson on Fox News Latino. Richardson said, "I am now a member of the private sector. I’m happy. I've got a little foundation. You never say never, but I may have had my last race and that was the Presidential race. I think that you only get one shot."

Might there be other serious Hispanic candidates in the future?

"Well, Juan, I think they’re up and coming right now," Richardson replied, "They may be two, three elections away. The mayor of San Antonio, I think the mayor of Los Angeles has that potential. There’re some Republicans that may be candidates. The governor of Nevada, possibly Senator Rubio. I don’t know much about him, I’m intrigued by him."

The entire interview is below: