Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Undercover Reporting: KOB News Producer Gets Whiskey for Vote

Looks like Rio Arriba County politics is living up to its reputation.

KOB News producer Peter St. Cyr disguised himself as a street person in Espanola last week and got offered a ride to an early-voting center. He asked for a drink and got offered a miniature of Admiral whiskey. He also got instructions who to vote for -- state Senate challenger Alfredo Montoya -- who is running against incumbent Sen. Richard Martinez -- as well as incumbent County Clerk Moises Morales and county treasurer candidate Elias Coriz. St. Cyr was told he could have more whiskey after he voted.

It's all captured on a hidden camera. The whole story is HERE.

 Watch below and don't miss the great confrontation between reporter Gadi Schwartz and political operative Elias Fresquez.

I think this might even be better than the Saints & Sinners brawl. (Both stories involve Fresquez.)