Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reform NM Now: The Plot Thickens

I mentioned in my story on campaign finances today that a PAC called Reform New Mexico Now, funded mostly by large backers of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, has sent mailers praising House District 46 candidate Carl Trujillo as a future leader in education reform.

According to documents filed with the Secretary of State's Office, the group's major contributors are two Artesia oil companies that have been major backers of Gov. Susana Martinez. Chase Oil contributed $130,000 to the group, while Mack Energy gave $50,000.

Now I've learned that the PAC's billing address on a receipt from the Secretary of State's Office shows the group's address on Uptown Boulevard in Albuquerque to be the same one used by Martinez’s Susana PAC as well as the governor’s political advisor Jay McCleskey.  (Tip of the hat to KOB's Peter St. Cyr who posted that receipt HERE.)

Interestingly enough, this is not the same address listed on the PAC's campaign finance report. (They used a post office box there.)

(And no, the rumors that it's also the same address Lee Harvey Oswald used on his Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets are completely false.)

Reform New Mexico Now has become involved in several Democratic legislative primaries around the state, mostly helping conservative Democratic incumbents. Heath Hausamen has a good story about the other races Reform New Mexico has become involved with HERE.
This is the mailer sent by Reform NM Now supporting Trujillo