Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More on Personal Emails for State Business

The Progress Now New Mexico organization -- a left-leaning group that has been critical of Gov. Susana Martinez -- has uncovered a couple of more Martinez cabinet secretaries communicating about government business on personal emails.

One is Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela, who in May 2011 received an email from Martinez's deputy chief of staff Ryan Cangiolosi at his Comcast email account (though the report has no email from Barela on that account.)

The other is Cultural Affairs Secretary Veronica Gonzales, who used her Comcast account to send messages to Cangiolosi and others about a government contract in May 2011.

Progress Now New Mexico obtained these emails through a public records request. But their website says this was possible in both situations only because other government employees included in the communications used their official government emails.

Martinez on Monday announced that from now on all email communications dealing with state business will be on state email

Here's the webpost by Progress Now New Mexico.