Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bregman Fires Back

It took a few days, but state Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman, just a few minutes ago, posted a response about the email investigation on the party's Facebook page. (And just now, in a press release.)

Bregman, before he was elected party chairman, had a political action committee called Grassroots New Mexico which hired Jason Loera. Loera was arrested last week and charged with several counts of possessing child pornography. The FBI found the offending material when searching his computers for links to the case of the emails stolen from Gov. Susana Martinez's campaign email account.

One of those emails, which Bregman gave me and several other reporters last year was from an email account linked to Loera.

Here's what Bregman said this morning.

“Over the last 48 hours Governor Martinez has attacked my integrity and character in an attempt to make a partisan issue out of a criminal investigation conducted by the US Attorney’s office. The Governor has chosen to do this after knowing full well that the day after I received the email in question I personally hand delivered the email to a judge and to the Governor’s lawyers in a judicial proceeding. For the Governor to suggest or imply that I have done anything improper or violated any law is reprehensible. 

As a lawyer and therefore an officer of the court and the Chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party, I feel compelled to respond.  

Governor Martinez, need I remind you that as a lawyer you are an officer of the court and you have professional responsibilities as well.  

You should take a refresher course to better understand that you should not attempt to use your position as Governor to influence, inject politics into or bully the US Attorney’s office in their investigation, all while attempting to deflect the investigation of your shadow governor, Jay McCleskey and the Dirty Downs Scandal. Or perhaps your motive is to change the conversation from the miserable, sorry job that you have done as Governor when it comes to creating jobs in this state and educating our children. 

Regardless, I will not make further comments regarding the criminal investigation and you should reconsider your current behavior as the Governor of New Mexico.”