Thursday, October 24, 2013

Supreme Court Hearing Podcast

Waiting for the hearing Wednesday
I normally only plug my own music podcast (oops, I did it again), but for those who missed yesterday's Supreme Court hearing on marriage equality, KUNM radio has done a great service by providing a podcast of the hearing.

You can find that HERE.

I have to applaud the high court for their unprecedented step of allowing TV and radio stations to stream yesterday's proceedings. The Supreme Court hearing room itself is surprisingly tiny, with only 40 seats or so for spectators -- and a big chunk of those seats yesterday were taken up by plaintiffs and county clerks, who were part of the case.

But the court staff provided overflow listening rooms in the court building itself and at the nearby Inn of the Governors. It's good to see this institution opening up.

My story on the hearing is over at The New Mexican site HERE.

My colleague Robert Nott wrote a companion piece about the crowd that showed up at the court yesterday. That's HERE.