Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Traveling Lady

Gov. Susana Martinez
Gov. Susana Martinez will be racking up some frequent-flyer miles going to political events this month.

Tonight, the governor is traveling to San Antonio where on Thursday she's scheduled to give the keynote address for the 2013 Biennial Convention of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.

She'll be returning to New Mexico Thursday evening, her political consultant Jay McCleskey said. The Texas GOP group is covering the costs of her travel, McCleskey said.

On Monday, Oct. 21. Martinez is headed for my home state of Oklahoma for a fund-raising event for her re-election campaign. She'll return to New Mexico that same day, McCleskey said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Martinez will be in Denver to attend a statewide event for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. "She will be discussing job creation and New Mexico's improved business climate with Colorado business leaders," McCleskey said. The expenses for that trip will be covered by the chamber, he said.

The next day, the governor is flying to Wisconsin for fund-raising events in Madison and Milwaukee for Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who also is up for re-election next year. Walker is frequently mentioned as a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

Martinez will return to New Mexico that evening. McCleskey said. Costs for the Wisconsin trip will be paid by the Walker campaign.