Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Udall Gets Republican Challenger

A political newcomer from Las Cruces announced Tuesday that he will challenge Democrat U.S. Sen. Tom Udall next year.

David K. Clements, an assistant district attorney in Dona Ana County and chairman of the Dona Ana Republican Party describes himself as a "constitutional conservative and economics enthusiast" who said in a statement, "Career politicians" like Udall have disregarded their oaths to support and defend the Constitution "and have created a culture of dependency in New Mexico."

"Advancing free market policies that allow small businesses to create jobs, balancing the federal budget, and fighting to preserve the privacy rights of New Mexicans will be the focus of Clements’ candidacy," Clements' statement said.

Clements is married and has a son. Though he lives in Las Cruces, he said he spends time on his family ranch at Nara Visa in Quay County.

So far Clements is the only candidate to mount a challenge against Udall. National pundits have described Udall's seat as safe.