Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anti-Susana Ad Emerges

A political committee that has been harshly critical of Gov. Susana Martinez released a hard-hitting 30-second ad denouncing the governor as being two-faced.

Called  '¡Qué Vergüenza!,' ("how embarassing") the spot refers to the controversial recordings of Martinez and her staff released recently by Mother Jones. It;s the work of the Better New Mexico PAC, which is associated with ProgressNow New Mexico.

Here's the script:

We all want to be proud of our leaders, but Susana Martinez is not the leader we thought she was. Turns out, she's just another politician.
Behind closed doors, Susana Martinez played along when her staff laughed and shamed Spanish speaking families, like mine.
Caught on tape, she refuses to apologize. Que Verguenza!
Susana Martinez is not right for New Mexico. She's not right for me, she's not right for you.

Martinez's campaign spokesman told my colleague Milan Simonich, “This is a false ad run by an extreme, dark-money group that has a history of peddling fictional and misleading attacks against Gov. Martinez.”

Here's the ad: