Monday, April 7, 2014

Rand Stands with Martinez

Gov. Susana Martinez's got some help in her battle against the "union bosses" Monday.

U.S. Sen Rand Paul, a Kentucky a Republican probably running for president, sent a fundraising email that said:

I need your help. Union bosses are going after my good friend, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Why? Because she opposes forcing state government to collect union dues for Big Labor. That’s right: she believes the union – not taxpayers – should be the ones collecting dues for union activities.

The money pitch comes later, but all Paul asks for is $5 to "help Susana take a stand against the union bosses ..."

Paul is just the latest of the possible GOP 2016 contenders to associate themselves with Martinez. Jeb Bush recently came to the state. And don't forget New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, for whom she campaigned in the New Jersey governor's race last year.