Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rael Becomes 1st Dem Governor Candidate to Run TV ad

Lawrence Rael is the first of the five gubernatorial candidates to go on television with a campaign ad.

It's a positive ad full of optimism. Lots of images of children can be found here, as well as footage of a rancher, a teacher, a lumberjack, some medical professionals and a guy making espresso.

And though it's called "Contrast," and says Rael sees the state "in a very different light," it doesn't actually contrast Rael's view with that of Gov. Susana Martinez or any of his Democratic primary opponents.

Lawrence Rael sees New Mexico in a very different light. He sees a New Mexico that can thrive.
Where we lift up our children with an education that nurtures and inspires their full potential. A state with no shortage of good jobs and opportunities.
A place that grows local business and welcomes others. Where poverty is transformed into prosperity and the life we all deserve.
Lawrence Rael sees a very different New Mexico.
And as governor, you can trust Lawrence to get us there.

Another Democrat, Alan Webber told me this morning that he'll have a TV ad on the air in the very near future.