Thursday, March 5, 2009

Richardson Poo-Poos Contribution bill

Gov. Bill Richardson, in a news release today, called a campaign-contribution limits bill that passed the Senate Rules Committee "temporary ethics reform" and called for a stronger bill.

“I’m pleased that this issue is moving forward, but we don’t need temporary ethics reform,” Richardson said. “I urge legislators get me a bill with a firm and permanent cap on campaign contributions.”

The current bill has a sunset clause that would mean the bill, which would go into effect in 2011, would end in 2012.

The governor said he met with Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Linda Lopez on Wednesday concerning ethics bills. He called the meeting "productive."

“I am hopeful that Sen. Lopez and her colleagues will move forward with additional ethics reform legislation – most importantly, a bill that creates an independent ethics commission,” Richardson said.

The current campaign-contribution bill is Senate Rules Committee substitute for SB116, SB262, SB346, and SB52.