Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tempers Flare in Senate

No love lost this morning between Sens. Eric Griego and Bill Sharer.

In the debate over HB 37 -- notifying Indian tribes about developments -- Sharer implied that Griego implied that people trying to amend the bill were racists. Griego responded he wouldn't dignify Share's remarks with a comment, then commented that certain senators might have a guilty conscience. Sharer interupted in protest, then Lt. Gov. Diane Denish gaveled him down.

Sen. Mike Sanchez asking Senate to take deep breaths. In with the good, out with the bad.


Earlier the Senate was about to debate Sen. Dede Feldman's Open Conference Committe bill. But Feldman asked that bill be held over. Is she waiting to get Rep. Joe Cervante's House bill on the floor? (Unlike Feldman's bill, Cervantes' bill would not have to go to the House, because the House already passed it.)