Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to Work

Christmas vacation is over. I'm back to cover the last week of The Richardson Administration.

Or maybe the first days of Richardson's new job as Secretary of State.

I seriously doubt that. There's no way Dianna Duran would give up that job after campaigning so hard for it.

Just kidding ... But seriously, I'm no Karnak, but I think it's safe to predict that that this rumor is just that -- and that it ain't gonna happen. I love how blogs are reporting that Fox News have "confirmed that there are reports" of Richardson taking Hillary Clinton's position.

I will only confirm that I've read a blog saying that Fox News is confirming that there are "reports." But don't quote me.

Meanwhile, I can confirm that there were a dozen new legislators elected to the New Mexico House. And I talked to all of them. Read that HERE and HERE

SWIRLING RUMOR UPDATE: From Richardson's spokeswoman Alarie Ray-Garcia:

"The Governor has no plans to leave New Mexico. He is looking forward to becoming a private citizen."