Monday, December 13, 2010

NM Senators Split on Tax-Deal Vote

Udall and Bingaman (with State Dem Chairman Javier Gonzales) election night 2010New Mexico's two Democratic senators split in today's vote to stop debate on the tax-compromise bill.

The vote was 83-15 in favor of advancing the $ $858 billion bill, which extends Bush-era tax cuts.

Sen. Tom Udall voted in favor of ending debate. Udall, who has been one of the main movers in the Senate on reforming the filibuster, sounds like he is trying to be consistent on that issue.

“Today, I voted to move the Senate forward to a straight up or down vote on this tax proposal. While I still have serious concerns with the package, there has been adequate time to study it and now we must do our jobs and vote. I have continually fought against obstruction and needless delay in the Senate and refuse to contribute to our dysfunction by voting to delay further this bill’s consideration.”

Bingaman voted against ending the debate. He said

"This bill does have some useful provisions to stimulate the economy, and I do strongly support extending tax cuts to New Mexicans who need it most. But this bill goes further than that. It extends tax cuts to the highest earners and adds a substantial estate tax cut that will make it very difficult for the next Congress to act in a responsible way to our serious deficit situation. For those reasons, I could not support it.”