Thursday, December 16, 2010

Billy You Been Running For So Long ...

The ghost of Billy the Kid once more roams the Roundhouse. Gov. Bill Richardson might be in North Korea, but his heart apparently is on the dusty trail with the Kid.

The Governor's Office just announce that it's received an application for a pardon of the West's most famous outlaw.

It's from Albuquerque criminal lawyer Randi McGinn, who, according to the news release, "was designated to review both the history and prior petitions to ascertain whether there was sufficient basis for the matter to be seriously considered. Ms. McGinn, a New Mexico resident and western history enthusiast, agreed to undertake this voluntarily and at no cost to taxpayers. After concluding her review, Ms. McGinn submitted a formal petition on December 14, 2010."

In the petition, McGinn writes, ""A promise is a promise and should be enforced. It is particularly important to enforce promises and deals made by government officials, law enforcement officers or the governor of a state made in exchange for a citizen risking his life to testify against a criminal who committed murder."

Such a promise was made by Territorial Gov. Lew Wallace to Billy in exchange for his testimony in a trial related to the bloody Lincoln County War.

Richardson will be accepting written comments about the proposed pardon until Dec. 26. Between then and New Year's Eve, he'll make his long-promised decision.

Application for Pardon Henry McCarty AKA Billy the Kid 12-14-2010 (1)

While we wait for that fateful decision, enjoy a great version of my favorite Billy song.