Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brian Moore in GOP Lt. Gov Race

Former state Rep. Brian Moore of Clayton has become the first Republican to declare his intent to run for lieutenant governor next year.

Moore, who served in the state House for four terms ending in 2008, doesn't argue with the term "moderate Republican."

"I came to the Legislature as a businessman," he told me in a phone interview. "I found the only way to get anything done (in the Legislature) is to work with members from both sides."

He said besides his legislative experience, he'd bring a business perspective as well as a rural perspective to the office.

Moore's Web site is HERE.

Though Moore is the only GOP candidate to announce for that position, other Republicans rumored to be running are Dr. J.R. Damron of Santa Fe who ran for governor in 2006, and Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White, who ran for Congress last year.

I'm too lazy to type out all the Dems who are running or thinking of running. Kate Nash profiled them all on Sunday. CLICK HERE