Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonkette on the Boat Crash

Wonkette does its take on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, I mean the Bloody Mary (or is it the Bloody "Merry" as one Web site has it.) Here's what the blog says of our governor:

His life has very little purpose right now. That’s a good thing! The man deserves a break from his prison of Ambition, a passion that has kept him busy in hundreds of semi-important government jobs over the years. Now he has time to dance! He also has time to flee boat crashes — you know, like when the boat he’s on demolishes another boat, and destroys a marina in general, and then he and his buddies just pop off and never tell anyone. This is something Bill Richardson has time to do now!

Completely unfair. Hilarious, but unfair