Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is It 2012 Yet?

Congressional Quarterly has an interesting little piece about GOP candidates gearing up for the 2012 race, focusing on three unsuccessful candidates from the distant past (2008).

If the 2008 presidential election taught potential 2012 candidates anything, it’s that peaking early may actually be your downfall. Still, that hasn’t stopped several 2008 contenders from getting a jump on the coming election cycle.

Looks like the trick is to start building name recognition, publish books (can't wait for Mike Huckabee's Christmas stories) and raise cash -- without assuming the dreaded mantle of frontrunner.

The story looks at the 2008 race and mentions several also-ran candidates, Republican and Democrat. The piece even namechecks Mike Gravel, whose longshot candidacy went out in a blaze of nothing.

But somehow CQ forgot about a certain governor of New Mexico who spent a big chunk of 2007 in Iowa and New Hampshire.