Friday, September 25, 2009

Valerie Not Running for SOS

Just last week Valerie Espinoza told me she was actively campaigning for Secretary of State and tha “I want it so bad, I can taste it.”

But she also said she'd commissioned a poll that showed her trailing incumbent Mary Herrera in the Democratic primary.

Espinoza just issued this statement:

Valerie Espinoza, Santa Fe County Clerk, announced today that she will not seek election to the office of Secretary of State in 2010.

Ms. Espinoza said, “It will be my continued joy to work for the citizens of Santa Fe County as their County Clerk, and to advise and support other County Clerks in the State of New Mexico. I will continue with my practice of openness to the media and voters, because I believe, as do the citizens of New Mexico, that all public officials should be accountable and available to the public. To that end, I hope to collaborate with policy makers, legislators, and the Secretary of State to achieve both Ethics and Election Reform within New Mexico.”

In thanking her supporters, she said: “My profound thanks go to the myriad of individuals who, because of their faith and trust in me, have urged me to seek the Office of Secretary of State. I want to complete the tasks and goals that I have started at the Santa Fe County Clerks Office.