Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Domestic Partnerships Will Be on Governor's Call

Looks like the budget and failing revenues aren't going to be the only issues debated at the regular 2010 session of the Legislature. Eric Witt confirmed today that Gov. Bill Richardson will put domestic partnerships on his call.

See my story HERE.

The big question is whether the Catholic Church will once again oppose the bill. Many blamed (or credited) the opposition of the church as the main reason the bill failed in the Senate earlier this year. Allen Sanchez, lobbyist for the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops told me that the bishops were not in favor of the bill being on the call for the 30-day session. He said the bishops are more interested in legislation to prevent cuts to programs that help poor people and children (and are most interested in repealing the tax cuts to upper income brackets, which passed in 2003.)

But Sanchez said the bishops will keep an open mind about domestic partnership proposals and look at any bill that's introduced.

And just to reiterate, I'm talking about the 30-day session that begins in January --NOT the special session expected next month.