Friday, March 12, 2010

Herrera Fights Back

Secretary of State has hired veteran Albuquerque lawyer Sam Bregman to help her respond to the charges in A.J. Salazar's resignation letter.

Well, not actually to respond to the charges, but to make charges of her own.

Salazar wasn't concerned about ethics, Bregman said. He was just mad because he didn't get the days off he wanted. Bregman supplied an e-mail exchange between Herrera and Salazar, the day before Salazar resigned to bolster that argument.

Salazar denies it, saying Bregman's charges just show evidence of retaliation by Herrera, which Salazar alluded to in his resignation.

Looks like this is going to get even uglier by the time its over.

On Saturday Democrats will endorse Herrera at their pre-primary convention at Buffalo Thunder resort. She has no primary opposition and will face Republican Dianna Duran in the November general election.