Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Latest in the Foy Suit

Gary Bland
Former Education Retirement Board investment officer Frank Foy filed an amended version of his whistle-blower lawsuit this week in state district court.

In it, he claims state Finance Secretary Katherine Miller pressured members of the State Investment Council to keep SIC director Gary Bland last October in the days before Bland resigned.

Miller on Tuesday denied the accusation. But backing her up was state Land Commissioner Pat Lyons, a member of the SIC who was actively pushing for a no-confidence vote for Bland. He said that nobody tried to pressure him or any other members he knows of, to keep Bland on the job.

Lyons, a Republican, usually isn't the first to defend the administration of Democrat Bill Richardson. In fact he and Richardson have been on opposite sides of several issues -- including the state investment scandals.

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