Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Oughtta Be in Movies?

UPDATE: Governor's spokesman denies the National Journal report. (See below)

Put this in the state Film Museum. Here's the most eye-popping report about Gov. Bill Richardson's possible future we've heard lately.

Quoting unidentified "K Street sources," Under the Influence, a blog by The National Journal, reported last month that our Hollywood friendly governor is under consideration for CEO the Motion Picture Association of America.
Gov. Bill Richardson and Robert Redford
"Richardson makes sense because he has that global international experience, he knows state and federal staff and it keeps the job at an elevated level," said one K Street source.

According to the report, Richardson is one of three possible replacements for current MPAA CEO Dan Glickman, a former congressman from Kansas.

It would be a well-paid job. Glickman was paid $1.3 million a year.

Spokesman Gilbert Gallegos responds: "The governor is not interested in this job and he is not interested in becoming a lobbyist. He plans to live in Santa Fe and drive around the country visiting Major League ballparks after term ends."

Corrected: The original version of this post had an incorrect time the National Journal item was published.