Thursday, March 11, 2010

Salazar's Resignation Letter

Here's a copy of A.J. Salazar's resignation letter (thanks Rio Grande Sun).

Besides the allegations that already have been reported, Salazar accuses Herrera of refusing to discipline an IT employee who allegedly hacked into the SOS computer system because he's married to a "political supporter."

He also says Herrera has failed to protect the chain of custody of voting machines and there is a lack of security in the machines' storage.

Salazar also says that during the recent legislative session Herrera's office asked that a bill the SOS had been supporting, to provide more transparency in the Confidential Address program, be tabled.

And he claims that Herrera has retaliated against him.

SOS spokesman James Flores said he doesn't know whether the office will be commenting on the letter.

Here's the letter. Watch Friday's New Mexican for more.

Salazar Resignation Letter