Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Deal Over Small Business

The state Democratic Party is making a big to-do over Susana Martinez's Small Business Steering Committee.

It seems that some of the people on that committee aren't from business that might not be that small.

" ... its members do not exactly represent the little guy," a press release from the Democrats said. "In fact, it’s quite the who’s who of the state’s Republican elite and powerful interests looking to cash in on a Martinez administration that promises to dismantle consumer and environmental protections."

Among those members pointed out by the Dems:

* Robert Chase, Vice President of Mack Energy. Mack Energy and its affiliates have given Martinez some $155,000 in campaign contributions thus far.

* Mark Murphy: Murphy, a Roswell oilman, has given thousands of dollars in contributions to Martinez and other Republican campaigns.

* Harvey Yates and family: Yates is the state chairman of the Republican Party. His family and their associated companies are major holders of oil and gas leases in the state.

Martinez's Web site lists the entire committee, plus "coalition" members

Small Business Leaders For Martinez Coalition Steering Committee:

Joel Carson
Robert Chase
Dr. JR Damron
Anna Emerick-Biad
Jim Giannelli
Mark Murphy
Monty Newman
Lee Rawson
Kevin Reid
Jack Westman
Harvey E. Yates, Jr.

Small Business Leaders For Martinez Coalition Members:

Bernalillo County – Devon Day
Bernalillo County – Bob Kellogg
Bernalillo County – Roxanna Meyers
Bernalillo County – Stanley Mount
Bernalillo County – Keith Wilson
Catron County – Bucky & Garnelle Allred
Catron County – Danny & Jackie Fryar
Catron County – Kristine Shoberg
Catron County – Green & Denise Cowan
Catron County – Joe & Lori Faust
Chaves County – Phelps Anderson
Cibola County – Don Jaramillo
Cibola County – Dwight Kastendieck
Colfax County – Eloy Gonzales
Colfax County – Boddy & Cindy Valentine
Curry County – Ken Barnett
Curry County – Randy Crowder
Curry County – Randy Petty
De Baca County – Adolfo Lucero
Doña Ana County – Chris Biad
Doña Ana County – Paul Curry
Doña Ana County – Kathleen Foreman
Doña Ana County – Mark Hettinga
Doña Ana County – Wendell Hull
Doña Ana County – Dr. Anthony Levatino
Doña Ana County – Joseph Muench
Doña Ana County – Al Perez
Doña Ana County – Virginia Robertson
Doña Ana County – Mike Tellez
Eddy County – Fred Beard
Eddy County – Frank Yates, Jr.
Eddy County – Mary Yates
Grant County – Bill Mack
Grant County – Rhonda & Bill Van Dran
Grant County – Joe & Vickie McCauley
Grant County – Jim Wetzel
Grant County – Pat Finch
Grant County – Jim & Connie Zawacki
Guadalupe County – Don & Kathy Sultemeier
Harding County – Bob Bachen
Hidalgo County – Cash & Kanzas Massey
Hidalgo County – Randy & Sheila Massey
Hidalgo County – George & Nancy Jackson
Hidalgo County – Owen & Tricia Washburn
Hidalgo County – Bob & Helen Allred
Lea County – Robert Wallach
Lincoln County – Shane Barnett
Lincoln County – Alan Morel
Lincoln County – Dan Bryant
Lincoln County – Angie Schneider-Cook
Lincoln County – Adam Rafkin
Los Alamos County – Joe & Helen Quintana
Luna County – Joe Jackson
Luna County – Philip Skinner
McKinley County – Mary Jean & Ray Christensen
McKinley County – Sig & Yvonne Martinez
McKinley County – Dudley & Brenda Byerley
Mora County – Frank Trambley
Otero County – Carla Gonzales
Quay County – Danford Dan Cross
Rio Arriba County – Lupe Garcia
Roosevelt County – David Stone
Sandoval County – Jerren Bermudez
Sandoval County – Jeannette Denison
Sandoval County – R. Pete Martinez
San Juan County – Cope & Amy Reynolds
San Juan County – Buster Breitenbach
San Juan County – Chris Haiby
San Juan County – Clarence Rowse
San Juan County – Mike Culver
San Juan County – Rich Cross
San Juan County – Pearl Montoya
San Juan County – Robert Espinosa
San Juan County – Vance Mabry
San Juan County – Louis Pipkin
San Juan County – Rob & Jake Wood
San Miguel County – Carlos Lopez
Santa Fe County – John Onstad
Sierra County – Earl Greer
Socorro County – Rowena & Adolph Baca
Taos County – Paul Martinez
Taos County – Ouray Meyers
Torrance County – Phil Archuletta
Union County – Brian Moore
Valencia County – Neil Hise

UPDATE: Here's the Republican response:

“The Democrat Party seems to believe that ‘millionaires’ don’t understand the concerns of the ‘little guy’ and therefore are incapable of developing sound economic policies to create jobs for all New Mexicans. Since Diane Denish is a millionaire as a result of her father’s success, does this mean the Democrat Party thinks the ‘elite’ wealth of their own nominee also disqualifies her from addressing the economic concerns of average New Mexicans?

“Susana Martinez has assembled a team of seasoned leaders in the business community who understand what it takes to create jobs and financial opportunity for the people in this state. Why the Democrat Party wants to criticize her for trying to put people back to work defies common sense. Maybe for the sake of transparency, the Democrat Party should ask Diane Denish to disclose how much income she derives from Daniels Insurance Agency and the income which Daniels receives, directly or indirectly, from state and local government in New Mexico.”