Friday, July 9, 2010

New Governor's Race Ads

Both Susana Martinez, the Republican gubernatorial candidate and her Democratic opponent Diane Denish released new campaign ads today.

If you thought the campaign might be drifting away from the law' 'n' order realm, think again. Martinez's spot features her surrounded by several cops.

The state Democratic party was quick to point out that one of them, Bob Martinez, the guy with the bushy mustache (who I originally thought was former Albuquerque D.A. Bob Schwartz), is a former executive director of the State Adult Parole Board who was fired in 2004 as by current Gov. Bill Richardson for failing to notify victims of a parole hearing for sex-offender priest.

I'll update this with the Martinez campaign's response as soon as I get it.

Meanwhile, here's the ads:

Here's Denish's latest ad. I did have to chuckle when a Denish e-mail sniffed that Martinez's latest ad "continued to focus on the same wedge issues that divide New Mexicans ..." when it was Denish's attack ad that started with the wedge issues the day after the primary. Gosh darn those nasty wedge issues!

This one's light and positive though.