Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Extending County Term Limits?

In today's New Mexican I look at the proposed state constitutional amendment that would allow county officials -- commissioners, sheriff, clerk, assessor, treasurer, probate judge -- to be elected to three four-year terms instead of the current two four-year term limit. The story is HERE.

The Santa Fe County Commission voted 4-1 yesterday to back the proposal, which is on November's general election ballot.

Commissioner Liz Stefanics was the no vote. She says she's in favor of encouraging new blood every few years. Also opposed is former Santa Fe County Sheriff Benjie Montano, who served 10 years as the county's top cop. He was elected the last time we had two-year terms (1988) and was allowed to run for two subsequent 8-year terms.

The New Mexico Association of Counties is backing the bill, saying 12-year stints would allow county officials to concentrate on long-term planning.

This is one of five proposed amendments on the ballot. Below is a handy-dandy summary of those, compiled by the Legislative Council, with pro and con arguments for all amendments. As I always say, it's easier to read in full-screen mode. And you can download this and study at your leisure.

Constitutional Amendments 2010