Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lawmaker to Susana: "Go to Hell!"

If the race for governor gets any crazier the state is going to require the candidates to get one of those professional wrestler licenses I wrote about in my column this week.

It got a little wilder this morning when state Rep. Eleanor Chavez, D-Albuquerque, joined the long list of Democrats blasting GOP gubernatorial candidate for that unseemly joke sent in an email by one of Martinez's senior prosecutors in Las Cruces.

Chavez, who is not known for making flamboyant statements, in an email to reporters :

I would suggest that Susana Martinez focus on the real issues that New Mexicans are facing and stop trying to pit us against our own families. I would also suggest that Susana Martinez and her entire office take a quick trip to Albuquerque and learn about racism at the Anti-Racism Training Institute. When Susana's done she should pack her bags and leave New Mexico. We don't need her or her hate filled rhetoric and immigrant bashing! Where should she go? How's hell for starters.
Oh boy ...