Friday, March 18, 2011

20,20,24 Hours to Go!

UPDATED:  4:45 pm The first video I posted was blocked. Enjoy this one while you still can  -- even though now it's closer to 19 hours to go

Once again, it's time for that annual tradition on this blog. Here's a special song for everyone involved in the Legislature -- legislators, staff, Capitol workers, lobbyists, activists, news dogs, bloggers, wall-leaners, hangers-on, and you, the gentle readers who have been following the session:

As I've said in the past, if I were king of the Legislature, I'd decree that everything stop at noon the day before the end of the session and play this song in every room of the Roundhouse -- at least in the House and Senate chambers. And this video would be played on the Senate  webcasting feed.

Hang in, friends, just one day left.