Friday, March 11, 2011

Gonzo Journalism Lives

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is dead, but former State Sen. John Grubesic is alive and kicking. Kicking anyone who gets in his way.

In his latest column in Capitol Reports New Mexico, the former senator makes an impassioned, if backhanded, endorsement of his old nemesis Bill Richardson for the soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat.

New Mexico needs a senator with the morals of a tapeworm, the energy of a drug-addled mongoose and the cajones of a rutting moose. Somebody who can down a gallon of vodka, bed an intern and finagle funding out of an economy that is sputtering like an accountant with a speech impediment at an IRS audit.

And at this point, he's just getting started.

NM Defamation Suit has been relatively quiet lately, so this is definitely the funniest political writing in New Mexico I've read lately.