Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meanwhile, Over in the Senate ...

Before the House even started trying to blast the driver's license bill out of committee, this morning the Senate Public Affairs Committee voted to kill a similar bill, which also is backed by Gov. Susana Martinez.

Along party lines, the committee voted 4-2 to table SB 518, sponsored by Sen. John Ryan, R-Albuquerque. (Two Republican senators and a Democrat were excused from the meeting.)

Ryan said in a news release, "Even though Senate Public Affairs tabled this critical bill, it is not the end of this. I am hopeful there will be additional debates, additional consideration and additional votes on this issue that is supported by 72 percent of New Mexicans who want to make New Mexico safer.”

What this probably means is that even if Rep. Andy Nunez's bill gets blasted and passes the House, it would have to go through Senate Public Affairs, which would surely take the same action.

UPDATED 2:20 pm: I corrected the vote count. The original news release had it wrong.