Thursday, March 31, 2011

King vs. Duran

Looks like there's trouble brewing between Attorney General Gary King and Secretary of State Dianna Duran.

On Wednesday, Deputy AG Albert Lama wrote the SOS a letter in which he disagreed with Duran's determination on the issue of Gov. Susana Martinez's campaign committee paying for radio ads about the driver's license bill.

My story about that is in today's New Mexican HERE

But Duran says that nobody in her office received any letter. And she wasn't happy that I knew about it before she did.

"We find it surprising and unlikely that the attorney general would decide to create some unsolicited legal advice for our office and immediately forward it to the media before sending it to us," she said in an e-mail to me Wednesday night.

 "This would seem to be a violation of the ethical obligations of any attorney," Duran said. "... we think it unlikely their office would breach the obligations it owes to this office by producing unsolicited legal advice and sending its advice to the media, and not to its client. If this is authentic, it is a serious matter."

I'm pretty sure it's authentic. I got it from the AG's office, not some guy in the parking lot.

Let's see how this plays out.